SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Daddy Problem!

23 hours ago

Joseph starts hanging out with Bowser and Junior gets jealous.

SML Reacts: 2 Tickets

2 days ago

Logan and Tito react to SML Movie: 2 Tickets CHECK OUT TITOS CHANNEL

SML Reacts: The Alien

3 days ago

The SML crew reacts to The Alien!

SML Movie: Fat Jeffy

5 days ago

Jeffy gets fat because he won't eat his vegetables.

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Flu Shot

7 days ago

The SML crew reacts to Jeffy's Flu Shot.

SML Movie: Bowser Junior Gets Jinxed!

1 week ago

Bowser Junior gets jinxed and can't talk until someone says his name! Video Idea by:

Meet The Cast: Lance

2 weeks ago

Meet Lance Thirtyacre, the voice of Jeffy, Black Yoshi, Shrek, Jackie Chu, Woody, Mr.Goodman, Woody and many others! Meet the rest of the cast: ...

SML Movie: Jeffy's Sleepover!

2 weeks ago

Jeffy has a sleepover! SUBSCRIBE TO NICKTENDO! He made the animation in this video!

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Birthday Wish

2 weeks ago

Lance and Pooby react to Jeffy's Birthday Wish!

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Mistake

3 weeks ago

funnyLogan and Lance react to Jeffy's Mistake!

SML Movie: Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever!

3 weeks ago

The title can't be what the thumbnail says because YouTube hates me.

SML Reacts: Chef Pee Pee Quits

3 weeks ago

Lovell and Pablo react to it!

SML Reacts: Joseph's House

4 weeks ago

Pablo and Lovell react to Joseph's House!

SML Movie: Jeffy's Energy Drink!

4 weeks ago

Jeffy drinks an energy drink!

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Bathtime

4 weeks ago

Logan and lance react! NEW SML Movie TOMORROW!

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Fishing Trip

1 month ago

Logan and Tito react!

SML Movie: Cody's Parent Problem

1 month ago

Cody's parents are in trouble.

SML Reacts: Bowser's Video Game

1 month ago

Logan and Lovell react!

SML Movie: Jeffy Plays Baseball!

1 month ago

Jeffy plays baseball with Mario, then goodman comes!

SML Reacts: Jeffy's Favorite Song

1 month ago

Logan and Lance react to Jeffys Favorite song.

SML Movie: Cody's Mistake!

1 month ago

Cody goes to the beach!