Mirage Update June 2018

14 hours ago

I decided to dedicate an entire video to the Mirage update and to do it super in-depth, since there's some stuff that other people haven't picked up on!

CS:GO's June 2018 Weapon Balance Update

2 days ago

See the update here: A few gameplay tweaks to the weapons. Apologies for the late upload, I've been ...

CS:GO's C4 in 2018

6 days ago

Had no idea what to call this video. It's just a collection of interesting things that I've been sent these past few days. I was getting so many it was like a divine ...

CS:GO VS Half Life 1 : Echoey sound

1 week ago

Where did the echoes come from? Does the source come from somewhere before Source? Time to find out. Workshop map of the HL1 DSP map ported into ...

DSP Effects in CS:GO - Compressed

1 week ago

Warning! Boring video, but useful for hearing the subtle differences between them. 0:13 - Knife swipe 1:29 - Glock fire 2:40 - SSG08 fire See all of my videos ...

DSP Effects in CS:GO - Comparison clips

1 week ago

Warning! Boring video, but useful for reference. 0:17 - Knife swipe 1:34 - Glock fire 2:45 - SSG08 fire See all of my videos about DSP below: DSP for CS:GO ...

Reverb Update to CS:GO

2 weeks ago

Reverb has been added to CS:GO's DSP. Time to investigate how smart it is. 0:33 - Real-time GSound audio: 0:46 - What decides ...

Lessons from an Overwatch Marathon

3 weeks ago

I watched 4 hours of overwatch. I won't try to teach you how to do it, but here are some things that I learned from my Overwatch Marathon. 0:46 - Advice 2:44 - My ...

EVERY CS:GO Match you've ever played

3 weeks ago

You can now see EVERY CS:GO match you've ever played now, and using a handy little plugin, it's easy to also see the players who have VAC and GAME bans ...

GDPR- What Valve knows about you

3 weeks ago

Ooh- also seems that you can see if anybody commended you :) Just didn't find it cos I was so busy giving out commendations to all of my lovely teammates.

The Ghost of Overpass

4 weeks ago

I couldn't find the Spooky Shadow on Overpass in my update video. But now I know what it is and want to share it with any of you who are interested. Check out ...

Special CS GO Update Royal Wedding 700,000 Subscriber Edition Video

4 weeks ago

What a day. Weddings, 700000 subscriber celebrations, and me covering yesterday's updates. See the update notes here: ...

CS:GO Neckshot Hitreg

1 month ago

CS:GO's neck from the back used to register as a body shot, when really it should have been a headshot. I put the new beta update to the test to see if it fixes the ...

CS:GO - The Longest Flash

1 month ago

How long is it possible to flash somebody for in a game of CS:GO? How long can you make their screen turn white for? What will break first, their screen... or their ...

My Adventure into Valve's Maps

1 month ago

I jump in to extract and to make editable CS:GO's latest maps, and in the process, uncover some cool stuff. Find the downloadable maps on my brother's site: ...

Pressure Sensitive keys in CS:GO

2 months ago

Yes! Courtesy of Wooting's analogue keyboard: the Wooting One. Check out their keyboard here: 0:00 - What is analogue?

CS GO Update April 20th

2 months ago

CS:GO has received an update, bringing Dust2 back, changing Nuke + adding it to wingman, fixing server issues (Strongly assumed to be the crash bug), and ...

Keyboard VS High Speed Camera

2 months ago

Legend has it that a keyboard config cuts latency and makes you better at CS:GO! ...But does it? I won't provide a direct link to the download, since I don't think ...

Interview with a Cheater

2 months ago

A cheater came to me with his story. He showed me a few things, I asked him a few questions and we collaborated on this video to show you a perspective you ...

A Better Demo Viewer for CS GO

2 months ago

Thanks to Switz for talking and sharing Rewind with me. Check it out here: As a Youtuber I've spent far too long wrestling with the in-game ...

VACNET Anti-cheat

2 months ago

I went through, and tried to summarise everything said in the recent GDC presentation. You can find the original video here: Also the ...