CS:GO's New Weapon - The MP5

3 days ago

CS:GO has got itself a new weapon, which replaces the MP7 if you'd rather have a less damaging, more sneaky SMG instead. Check out the blog post here- ...

Horizon Case Weapon Skins

2 weeks ago

Thank you to all of the skin makers I spoke with who shared with me secrets about their weapon skins, which had been accepted into the Horizon case.

CS:GO's August 2018 Update

2 weeks ago

What a great way to kick off the Summer Holidays. Blog post - Update notes ...

CS:GO's Clever Strategies VS Bad People

3 weeks ago

Overwatch and Trust Factor are clever methods to manipulate the CS:GO playerbase. Not just to stop cheaters and griefers. Not just to make innocent people ...

The Finest Pixels for CS:GO - Antialiasing

3 weeks ago

MSAA, FXAA... what does it all mean? What's the difference? Which should you use? And despite us all hating FXAA, perhaps using both at the same time has ...

How to shove your head through a wooden plank

4 weeks ago

In this video, I explain the methods CS:GO has of preventing stuff from poking through other stuff, and then show cases where stuff still pokes through other stuff.

The Cathedral of Counter-Strike 2018

1 month ago

ESL One Cologne is an event I've been to every year since 2016. It's kind of special. Here's a video talking about what to expect from it and what makes it such a ...

CS:GO's New Radar with Panorama

1 month ago

Panorama has also rolled out some changes to the radar. The old version of CS:GO could have had these new radars, but it didn't. So there. 0:06 - Decoy ...

Health Regen from Drowning

1 month ago

How does it work? Can it be exploited? Where can you use it? See the original Reddit post here: ...

The Inferno Easter-Egg

2 months ago

There's a reference to CS 1.1, which was when Inferno was first featured in Counter Strike. But it doesn't always show- what triggers it? 0:37 - How the ...

CS:GO's Panorama UI VS Older Versions

2 months ago

CS:GO's Panorama update is finally here, after years of waiting: This video shows a lot of it, but is more ...

Canals Update June 2018

2 months ago

I decided to dedicate an entire video to the Canals update, since it seems overlooked by most others and it deserves a bit more attention. Or maybe... it deserves ...

Mirage Update June 2018

2 months ago

I decided to dedicate an entire video to the Mirage update and to do it super in-depth, since there's some stuff that other people haven't picked up on!

CS:GO's June 2018 Weapon Balance Update

2 months ago

See the update here: A few gameplay tweaks to the weapons. Apologies for the late upload, I've been ...

CS:GO's C4 in 2018

2 months ago

Had no idea what to call this video. It's just a collection of interesting things that I've been sent these past few days. I was getting so many it was like a divine ...

CS:GO VS Half Life 1 : Echoey sound

2 months ago

Where did the echoes come from? Does the source come from somewhere before Source? Time to find out. Workshop map of the HL1 DSP map ported into ...

DSP Effects in CS:GO - Compressed

2 months ago

Warning! Boring video, but useful for hearing the subtle differences between them. 0:13 - Knife swipe 1:29 - Glock fire 2:40 - SSG08 fire See all of my videos ...

DSP Effects in CS:GO - Comparison clips

2 months ago

Warning! Boring video, but useful for reference. 0:17 - Knife swipe 1:34 - Glock fire 2:45 - SSG08 fire See all of my videos about DSP below: DSP for CS:GO ...

Reverb Update to CS:GO

2 months ago

Reverb has been added to CS:GO's DSP. Time to investigate how smart it is. 0:33 - Real-time GSound audio: 0:46 - What decides ...

Lessons from an Overwatch Marathon

3 months ago

I watched 4 hours of overwatch. I won't try to teach you how to do it, but here are some things that I learned from my Overwatch Marathon. 0:46 - Advice 2:44 - My ...

EVERY CS:GO Match you've ever played

3 months ago

You can now see EVERY CS:GO match you've ever played now, and using a handy little plugin, it's easy to also see the players who have VAC and GAME bans ...