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Tutorial - Adjusting Feed Dog Height and Position - ABC Sewing Machine

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Описание: When dealing with plate changes in your single needle automatic or regular unit you might have to adjust the positioning of the feed dog to make sure it works. In this video we will go over exactly that.
We hope this helps anyone who is having trouble with this adjustment.


Hi, this is ABC Sewing Machine, welcome to our tutorial video today. We’re gonna be covering our tutorial on feed dog height. You’re gonna run across this problem usually when you go from a lighter feed dog set to a heavier gauge set up for sewing leathers or canvas materials.

First, we’re gonna remove the screws from the plate. Second, you remove the screws from the feed dog. And next we’re gonna install the new feed dog. Make sure when you’re installing the feed dog that you don’t screw everything down too tight yet, there are gonna be couple of adjustments you gonna have to make before locking everything down.

Second, we’re gonna put the needle plate back on, and remember at this point again we didn’t lock down the feed dog too tight so we can still make the proper adjustments on height or left to right just in case it needs it so we don’t have metal on metal touching.

Now, we want to bring the needle position all the way down just to make sure that the front and back of the feed dog is clearest between the needle plate. Usually some of the problems you might come across, is the feed dog would get stuck on its way trying to make a stitch because the feed dog setting is too high, hence wide it’s getting stuck on the needle plate.

Now, I’m gonna show you have to adjust the feed dog. You want to make sure there’s a slight point on left to right of the feed dog and the needle plate and then lock everything down once that’s been set. Now, in the same time you want to check front and back spacing between the needle plate and feed dog feeder as well. The spacing right where the needle hole is the opening for the feed dog should be clear on both front and back rotation.

Now just in case you do need to adjust the height of the feed dog there are two positions where you would do this: this bottom one right here controls front to back of the feed dog. Or the other screw, which is located right here, is to control the height of the feed dog.

At this point, after all adjustments have been made, you want to rotate the hand wheel just to make sure there is clearance again, but, as of right now, it’s a little close. Now, again we’re gonna make sure that the spacing from this end right here as well as this end here are all even when the feed dog is either in the forward position or rear position. Now, once that’s done, you want to lock everything done make sure everything is tight and that’s the end of our tutorial for feed dog height adjustment.